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What to Look for When Applying for a CDL Flatbed Driving Job

What to Look for in a CDL Flatbed Truck Driving Job and Trucking Company -

Important Flatbed Trucking Company Traits

So, you’ve decided to start looking for a job driving a CDL flatbed truck – but what should you be looking for in a company to work for? Flatbed driving jobs are well known for good pay, independence, and physical activity, but not all companies are the same.

To make sure you’re applying for a job you can turn into a fulfilling career, there are some important factors to look out for.

Company Reputation

First and foremost, a flatbed trucking company’s reputation will tell you an awful lot about what it will be like to work for them. Take the time to explore a company’s website, look for client reviews, and testimonials from drivers, and any other firsthand accounts of doing business with the company you can find online. Take them with a grain of salt, of course, but online ratings, reviews, and comments are a good way to gauge the company’s reputation with both employees and clients.

A good reputation also extends to safety ratings and even years in business. Stability is important if you’re looking to develop a lasting relationship.

Modular Transportation has been in business for 50 years, and we’ve never laid off a driver due to lack of work!

Solid Benefits and Pay

The best flatbed trucking jobs offer competitive pay and great benefits for drivers. In 2022, the average salary for a flatbed trucker is around $65,000 per year, with top drivers earning $95,000 or more annually. While not all starting pay will be the same at every company, that’s a good benchmark to look for when assessing opportunities.

Beyond your paycheck, extra benefits like insurance, retirement plans (401k, IRA, etc.), bonuses, and paid training can easily separate one trucking company from the next. Look closely at the details of each application, and don’t hesitate to reach out to a company if you have questions about benefits and compensation. They may not be able to provide exact information (because pay and other benefits may depend on experience, time with the company, and so on), but even their willingness to discuss these important topics will help give you a sense of how they operate – and how they treat their employees.

A Focus on Family

At Modular Transportation, this part is near and dear to our hearts. Because of our commitment to family of all kinds, we think that all great flatbed jobs should share this focus on taking care of one another – from our family of drivers, dispatchers, and every other member of our team, to the families and loved ones they have at home.

With this in mind, looking for this family-oriented company culture can (and should) be a big part of your application and selection process.

Part of this is internal company culture. Does the company offer open lines of communication and support among drivers, dispatch, the garage, safety teams, and so on? Do drivers and dispatchers know each other on a first name basis?

The other side is about your family at home. Do routes provide for home time and a consistent schedule? What kind of vacation time does the company offer? Do they have policies in place for family emergencies?

Feeling a sense of community, and knowing that your employer cares about you as a human being (and not just as a flatbed driver) goes a long way in providing ongoing job satisfaction, feeling “at home” with a company, and fostering the kind of two-way relationships that lead to fulfilling careers and excellent work.

A Career for the Long Haul!

In short, the best CDL flatbed trucking jobs will offer a combination of strong reputation, competitive pay and benefits, and a company culture that you feel you can truly be a part of. That’s exactly what we do at Modular Transportation, and we’d love to see if you’re a good fit for our team!

The easiest way is to browse our flatbed driver job listings and apply online. Our recruiter will be in touch to answer your questions and give you honest information about the company so you can decide if we’re right for you!