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How Modular Offers the Best Work-Life Balance for Flatbed Truck Drivers

How Flatbed Truck Drivers Have Better Work-Life Balance at Modular Transportation Trucking Company -

Get The Much Needed Work-Life Balance Working As A Flatbed Truck Driver For Modular Transportation

We believe a great work-life balance is paramount to general work productivity. Because of this, our drivers get more home time, with local drivers home every night, while drivers with OTR and regional routes are typically home every weekend.

Regional and Local Flatbed Truckers Work-Life Balance

Both regional and local flatbed drivers tend to spend the weekends at home! We insist that our business model stay highly adaptable so that you can keep bringing in money even when you’re on the road. This way, you’ll have more time to spend with loved ones, get the kids ready for bed, and even have time for hobbies!

Other Benefits to Help Improve the Balance of Work & Life for Flatbed Truckers

Vacation Time

Unlike some other trucking companies, Modular Transportation provides our drivers with up to three weeks of paid vacation per year. Taking a break from your work is even more important when you’re on the road.

Your vacation time adds up with the time working at Modular Transportation. After three months of employment, you will receive one week of paid time off; for every subsequent six months, you will receive an additional week. Plus, a bonus week is added after ten years of service.

You will also receive six paid holidays and six personal days annually to use as you see fit. Modular is known for its generous vacation policy, which includes flexible time off, paid holidays, and even free use of the company cabin in Michigan.

Solid, Sustainable Pay

The flatbed truck drivers at Modular earn a percentage of the profits from every delivery. Drivers are compensated in full before any fees or costs are deducted, giving you a higher take-home pay for all your hard work.

Your paycheck will be electronically deposited into your bank account every week. Modular drivers receive some of the highest total compensation in the industry, including a percentage of each load, the payment of family health insurance premiums, and bonus pay too. A year’s salary for a top-tier driver can reach $95,000!

Family Support

We ensure your family is taken care of while you’re out on the road by providing you with comprehensive health insurance and maintaining open lines of communication with dispatch and our human resources team.

Medical Insurance Premiums

Modular cares deeply about the well-being of its workers, drivers, and their families. We’ll cover the full cost of your weekly health, dental, and vision insurance premiums, which can lead to saving you thousands annually. And the best part is none of the cost will come from your regular paycheck! Learn More about our fully-paid insurance premiums. 

Modular has been providing for its drivers and their families in this way for years because we genuinely care about you. We’ll pay your family’s weekly premiums so you can take care of your health and your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Start Your Career With Modular Transportation as a Flatbed Driver

Finding a company in the United States that is a good fit for you is crucial to your professional happiness.

We operate out of four major hubs in the central United States, offering excellent driver benefits and a stimulating work environment to our employees. Modular Transportation is a fantastic company to work for because of our generous benefits package and dedication to a complete employment experience. See what our drivers say!

If you’re interested in one of our open positions, we’d love to hear from you – browse our flatbed driver job openings and apply today!