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Driver Testimonials

Hear what our drivers have to say about working at Modular Transportation.

Modular Drivers Have

Pride in Work

“Flatbed is a job to be proud of because it teaches integrity.”
“It’s more physical than the other trucking jobs, and I wanted a little bit more exercise, so I chose to go with flatbed.”
“I like moving around, doing stuff with my hands, instead of just sitting in the truck. That’s why I chose it - because I like to be active.”
“Once I started driving flatbed, a lot of my family members became flatbed drivers.”
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Home Time

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“For me, home time is the most important thing with any job because it doesn’t make any sense to make the money if you’re not at home to spend it with your family.”
“I came to Modular Transportation because of the benefits, the vacation time, and the home time. You get home through the week, off on the weekends.”
“I took a chance on going to get my license and trying Modular out, and that’s where I’ve been ever since.”
“You get a lot of home time here, but also you make great money doing it, so it’s just well rounded with this company.”

Getting Your Start

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“When I first called, Nicole had this happy sense about her, and that’s what attracted me to Modular. The first thing I picked up on was a family environment. ”
“Their first priority is you.”
“This was a lifetime job. If you come in and enjoy your job and it’s a good company to work for… Which I have found. I mean, Modular is a great company to work for.”
“They don’t know you by truck number, they know you by first name.”
“It’s like I was talking to a best friend. They acted like they actually knew me, and they’d never talked to me a day in their life, so that attracted me more than anything.”


Reviews by Drivers for Modular Transportation -
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“What originally got me driving for them? Insurance. The company paid insurance, That and I wanted to try something different. I wanted to try flatbed. I gave flatbed a try, and I won’t go back to anything else but doing this.”
“You get all the benefits. They pay them all. Plus you’ve got the work to keep you busy!”
“The main thing that brought me here was the home time. All the drivers I spoke with, they all said they have great home time. I have a four year old son. That’s my biggest focus - I want to spend more time with him.”
“I knew someone that worked for Modular, and he showed me a check once. I was like, ‘Man, you can make this kind of money?’”

Modular stands for family

Who is Modular

“Modular stands for family. They’re up front about everything. They don’t hide anything here. What they tell you, they’re going to do.”
“It’s more working with family instead of a company.”
“If you have a problem, they work with you. All you have to do is give them a phone call or come to the terminal. They’ll handle it right away. I love it here.”
“They’ve been around for fifty years and they haven’t changed names. That tells you a lot right there.”
“They take pride in their work, and they’re just great people. I don’t think I could’ve chosen a better company to go work for.”
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Why Flatbed?

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“I like flatbed. I pull an 8-axle. I’m one of the heavy haul guys. I just… I like it. Well, the money’s good too. Flatbed keeps you busy. You get a workout. It’s just not sitting and driving all the time. You’re actually getting out and doing something, and that’s what I like.”
“I was looking for something different, something new. Doing flatbed is better. More exercise and keeping me busy.”
“I don’t care if I was eighty, I’d still be pulling flatbed.”

We Love Our Drivers

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“It’s a home atmosphere. It is a family atmosphere. It’s a group. We fight like family, we love like family. I had a conversation with a driver about a month ago on the phone, and he was thanking me for the ability to help his mom, to get his mom settled and help her out financially, and he told me he loved me. That’s kind of cool.”
“If a driver allows in, allows us to be family, we’ll be family. We’ll have your back, we will go to bat for you, we will fight for you tooth and nail, we’ll get you what you need to make you happy if it’s possible. That’s what’s kept me here over the years. I see that side of the company.”

Working for Family

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“Two or three years ago, my dad passed away. The support that Modular gave me when he died, and even when he was sick… Especially a trucking company, they allowed me to be able to assist with him throughout his whole sickness, and even after he died."

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