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Flatbed Truck Driver Training


Driving a CDL flatbed truck takes much more knowledge, and a bigger focus on safety, than other types of semi truck driving.

If you have at least 6 months of truck driving experience and a Class-A CDL, Modular Transportation will provide paid training for both new and experienced flatbed truck drivers. 

3-4 Day in-house training sessions are tailored to exactly what you need to know, based on your current level of experience, to get on the road safely with a flatbed trailer.

On-the-Road training happens after that, if necessary, for as long as it takes to ensure you understand what it takes to drive flatbed safely.

Personalized training for flatbed drivers covers exactly what you need to know, from the basics to FMCSA regulations, our company policies and “why we do what we do”.  

We only put safe drivers on the road and ensure that you fully understand the truck, proper securement, paperwork and dispatch communication. Click to read more about our Safety Mission

Paid Training for CDL Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs at Modular Transportation in the Midwest - ModularTrans.com