Consistent Driving.

No Layoffs


We’re always working, to keep you working!

In Modular Transportation’s 50 years of trucking, we have never laid off a single driver due to lack of work. And while we can’t promise it will never happen, we work extra hard to always avoid layoffs.

Our history as a company puts us in the top-tier of the flatbed trucking industry, with consistent work for drivers and long-lasting stability for their families. 

Our growth and expansion delivers more opportunities for drivers to work in new ways and make it a point to promote from within. 

Industry-leading driver retention means that more drivers start with Modular and retire from here. We take care of you like family in more ways than one. 

Flatbed Trucking Equipment at Modular Transportation, a Flatbed Trucking Company in MI, IL, AR and MS -

Modular Transportation

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