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From the owners to each person on the office team, Modular Transportation’s “desk jockeys” do more for you every day!

We work tirelessly to make sure the entire team is taken care of and that the whole company keeps moving forward with integrity and stability.

All team members have a direct line to HR and Payroll for fast answers to questions and all kinds of resources related to benefits and beyond.

Or get in touch easily with our Recruiter, Nicole, for answers about hiring, training, referrals and much more.

You can rely on Evan Stouten, Modular’s Owner and President, to make decisions that put people first and keep the company vision and values on track.

Even our office team even includes people who have been here for decades!

Modular Transportation Flatbed Trucking Company Office Team -
"It's like I was talking to a best friend. They acted like they actually knew me... that attracted me more than anything."

10+ Year Club

Kelly S.
Vincent C.
Rob M.
Katherine M.
Nate Z.
Scott S.

15+ Year Club

Clint K.
Cindy V.
Bruce G.
Todd V.
Joe S.
Steve G.

20+ Year Club

Steve W.
Mary B.
Andy M.
Don R.

25+ Year Club

Evan S.
Scott H.
Clara Y.

Dear Valued Customer,

It has come to our attention that there is an individual(s) who has an old copy of our authority and a copy of our insurance, and is fraudulently using this documentation to attempt to book freight.  Please know this entity is NOT an agent of Modular Transportation, it's associates and is in no way affiliated with Modular Transportation in any capacity.

All appropriate law enforcement agencies have been notified, including the FBI.

One known email address they're using is "".  Please note that there could be others.  All official communications from Modular Transportation will be from a branded email account and all other communications claiming to be from us should be met with scrutiny and verified independently.

If you are contacted by a suspicious entity claiming to be with Modular Transportation, it is highly recommended to not engage with them, and instead please reach out to your standard contact at Modular if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your understanding as we address this situation.