Family First. Every Week.

More Home Time


Drive for Modular Transportation and you will be!

We strongly believe that your family should always come first. That’s why our local drivers are home every night, and regional drivers are home every weekend. 

Local Flatbed Drivers at all of our 4 hubs are home every night (but sometime every-other night). You’ll be there for important family events, to put the kids to bed and have the time you want to enjoy life. 

Regional Flatbed Drivers are home every weekend. You’ll be pre-loaded on Friday and know where you need to be Monday morning. Although you may occasionally need to leave on Sunday night, most of your weekend will be all yours! We do our best to stay flexible, keep you on the road and making money.

CDL Flatbed Drivers Get More Home Time with Modular Transportation Trucking Company in the Midwest -

Modular Transportation

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