Modular Transportation was founded in 1969 and shows no signs of stopping.

From humble beginnings with a single truck, Robert Stouten created a flatbed trucking company that has stood the test of time. 

A family-first approach to trucking has not only kept the company rolling under the same name, by the same family, but extends much further to focus on the overall health and happiness of all of our employees.

Industry-leading driver retention speaks for itself! Dozens of drivers and office staff have been here for decades because of our commitment to the success of everyone here. And we’ve never laid off a driver!

No stop signs on the horizon to keep us trucking safely all over the Midwest and beyond for years to come. 

We were recently featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal! Read the article.

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With a one borrowed flatbed truck, Robert Stouten began the the journey to his legacy with Modular Transportation.

After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II and the Korean War, Robert began a sales career with George F. Alger Company, as part of their large van division in Detroit, MI. He was able to help them turn a profit within 30 days, after months of losing money.

In 1962, Robert moved to Grand Rapids and started his own flatbed trucking company, G&B Transportation. With only five drivers, they thrived during the “glory days” of the trucking industry. 

In 1969, Robert started a new company with the purpose of hauling modular homes. Modular Transportation was born.

After their primary customer went bankrupt, Robert decided to go in a different direction, building on relationships he had with local steel manufacturers.

Modular Transportation has since grown to over 200 drivers and four terminals in Grand Rapids, MI, Granite City, IL, Columbus, MS and West Memphis, Arkansas.

Robert Stouten, Founder of Modular Transportation Flatbed Trucking Company, Grand Rapids MI - ModularTrans.com


Driving all over the Midwest from Terminals in Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas and Mississippi, Modular Transportation is one of the region’s leading flatbed trucking companies.

We drive local and regional routes for both flatbed and end-dump loads from each of our 4 hubs. 

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Dear Valued Customer,

It has come to our attention that there is an individual(s) who has an old copy of our authority and a copy of our insurance, and is fraudulently using this documentation to attempt to book freight.  Please know this entity is NOT an agent of Modular Transportation, it's associates and is in no way affiliated with Modular Transportation in any capacity.

All appropriate law enforcement agencies have been notified, including the FBI.

One known email address they're using is "modulartransportation.dispatch@gmail.com".  Please note that there could be others.  All official communications from Modular Transportation will be from a branded email account and all other communications claiming to be from us should be met with scrutiny and verified independently.

If you are contacted by a suspicious entity claiming to be with Modular Transportation, it is highly recommended to not engage with them, and instead please reach out to your standard contact at Modular if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your understanding as we address this situation.