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Modular Transportation Featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal

Modular Transportation Featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal -

A Look at the History of Modular Transportation

Here at Modular Transportation, we’re so proud of a recent feature in the Grand Rapids Business Journal to commemorate our fiftieth anniversary.

We’ve put tremendous effort into building and maintaining a business that goes miles beyond the services we provide to create a sense of family and community among our drivers, dispatchers, mechanics, office staff, and every other human being involved with Modular Transportation.

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of Calder Plaza’s iconic sculpture, Le Grande Vitesse (which Modular hauled the parts for), the article looks back at our beginnings, when Robert Stouten started the company in 1969 with a borrowed truck and a borrowed trailer, naming it Modular Transportation with the intent of hauling modular homes.

After the fledgling Modular’s primary client went bankrupt, Stouten recommitted to his passion for the trucking industry, moving away from modular homes and eventually merging with his first company, G&B Transportation.

This wonderful review from GRBJ looks at the company’s fifty-year history, including some major accomplishments, some industry-wide setbacks, and of course, the transition of company control from Robert Stouten to his son and current President, Evan Stouten.

And Still Going Strong…

In addition to the look back at our history, we’re proud of some present-day statistics as well.

In an industry facing extremely high turnover rates and numerous changes in demand, we’re typically well ahead of the curve in driver retention, and have been able to change our positioning to keep up with evolving freight needs.

Most important to the Modular Transportation team, however, is the inclusion of our commitment to family, benefits for our drivers and other staff members, and the caring, connected company culture we put at the front and center of how we do business. From potlucks and paid holidays to health coverage and first-name-basis relationships, this is a true reflection of how much we care about our team members.

We’re honored to be included in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, love the writeup, and couldn’t be happier about celebrating more than fifty years in the flatbed and general trucking industry.

To learn more about who we are, what we do, and what it’s like to work for Modular Transportation, get in touch!

Read the entire article here.



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