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FAQ: Applications & Hiring

Insights to Modular Transportation

What is the hiring process like?

We take great care to be honest, transparent and authentic in our hiring process!

We’ll be up-front with the requirements, answer your questions with care and never bait-and-switch you with false information.

Our goal is to set very clear expectations for you, and about our company, so that we know new drivers will be a good fit, before they ever start an engine.

Modular’s drivers are in it for the long-haul and we want you to succeed! More on hiring >

What kinds of flatbed trucking jobs do you have available?

We are currently hiring flatbed drivers for each of our 4 hubs. Each has regional OTR positions available and some have local routes as well. See job listings >

Who are the recruiters?

We have 1 recruiter, Nicole, and she does NOT work on commission. You can expect her to have honest answers to your questions and find out exactly what you need to know to see if Modular Transportation is a good fit for your talents.

What are the base requirements for drivers?

Modular Transportation requires a valid, Class-A CDL and at least 12 months of verifiable experience in the past 3 years. In addition:

  • You must be 23+ years of age or older
  • Have no reckless driving, mobile phone or 15mph over the speed limit citations in the past 3 years
  • No DUI charges in the past 5 years
  • No positive drug or alcohol test or refusal in the past 5 years
  • No major, chargeable accidents in the past 3 years 
  • See the details >

In addition, we prefer people who have skills like a keen eye for safety, a sense of adventure and the ability to take initiative and show pride in their work. 

Do you hire new truck drivers?

We hire drivers with a valid Class-A CDL who have 6-months of verifiable experience driving big rigs. If you meet that criteria and other requirements, we will provide paid training so you can learn the ins-and-outs of driving a flatbed trailer safely. New driver requirements >

What can experienced drivers expect?

If you’ve driven a big rig before, we’ll train you how to drive a flatbed trailer safely and efficiently, following Modular’s protocols.


If you’ve driven a flatbed before, we’ll train you how to operate within Modular’s system and ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed here! Paid training information >

Do you offer paid training?

Yes! Once you are hired at Modular Transportation, we will provide personalized training to show you all the ropes.


You’ll get 3-4 days of in-house training and then drive with a trainer as long as necessary, if necessary. Training currently pays $150 per day. More on training >

What is the pay?

Modular pays drivers a percentage of each load, straight off the top before our expenses. The rate varies based on the actual position and location. When you combine our pay rates with all of the other benefits offered, overall pay at Modular is at the top of the scale! Top drivers make up to $95,000 annually. More on pay >

Is there a sign-on bonus?

Please contact us to learn about current sign-on bonus incentives. It’s easiest to apply online and then chat with our recruiter Nicole. Apply online >

What are the benefits?

Modular Transportation offers a huge range of benefits to our drivers! Most notably, we pay 100% of your family’s insurance premiums each week, which means nothing out of your paycheck.


We also offer ample vacation and holiday pay, regional-driver bonus pay and extra benefits like a 401K, life and disability insurance and even driver legal assistance.


And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our company cabin that you can use for free! See all benefits >

How long do drivers typically stay at Modular?

We have drivers that have stayed with us for decades! Our driver retention rate is at the top of the trucking industry because we take such great care of our team. More on Modular >

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