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FAQ: Modular Transportation

Insights to the Company

What is Modular Transportation Like?

Our company has been in business, with the same name, for over 50 years!

Modular Transportation is in it for the long-haul with no signs of stopping.

While other trucking companies are consolidating, we’re expanding and growing to take our team in the best direction possible. 

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Where are you located?

Our headquarters are located in Grand Rapids Michigan, and we also have hubs in Granite City Illinois, Columbus Mississippi and West Memphis Arkansas.

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How long have you been in business?

Modular Transportation has been in the trucking business for 50+ years! We’ve never laid off a driver, and have no plans of slowing our growth and expansion.

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What kind of support do you offer for drivers?

From incredible benefits and top pay scales to 24/7 dispatch and garage staff, plus direct lines to HR and recruiting, Modular’s support for drivers is second to none.

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What kind of benefits do you offer?

Top rate benefits are offered across the board! From 100% paid family insurance premiums to more home and vacation time, bonus pay and extras like 401K and other insurance, Modular takes great pride in taking care of you and your family.

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What is your driver retention?

Our driver retention rate is at the top of the trucking industry! When drivers are a good fit at Modular, they stay for the long haul. We even have a group that’s been with us for nearly 30+ years.

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Have you ever laid off drivers?

No! And we try very hard to keep it that way. With 50-years of stability and growth that shows no signs of slowing down, Modular is in it for the long haul.

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What is the ownership structure like?

Founded by Robert Stouten in 1969, the company is owned by he and his wife, Alice, and their son Evan. Evan has been with the company since April, 1983. More About Modular >