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Next Level OTR Driving Jobs: Flatbed Trucking

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Trucking jobs come in many shapes and sizes.

From different types of trucks (dry van, flatbed, refrigerated freight, tankers, and so on) to different route lengths and responsibilities, finding the right trucking job for your lifestyle might require a bit of research.

Today, we’re looking at one of the most challenging – and the most fulfilling – jobs in the trucking industry: OTR flatbed driving.

OTR stands for “over the road,” meaning longer-haul, multi-day routes that cover much more distance than regional drivers. Of course, there are plenty of variables for individual drivers, but many OTR truckers travel 500 to 600 miles each day, and spend several days (or more) on the road at a time. When you combine this kind of schedule with the additional responsibilities of flatbed, you’ll find a demanding, rewarding approach to the trucking industry unlike any other job.

On The Road 

For most OTR flatbed drivers, the rhythm of the week is pretty standard. Put simply, you receive information from dispatch, arrive at the load-up location, secure the freight, then hit the road! After a couple days of travel, you arrive at the delivery site, wait for the unload, and head back.

But the day-to-day life of an OTR flatbed driver is anything but simple. Flatbed drivers are responsible for managing their own loads, which means strategizing with teams at pickup locations, securing freight with straps and/or chains, tarping as necessary, and ensuring safe transport throughout the duration of the trip.

Because of these responsibilities, flatbed drivers don’t just spend all of their time sitting in the cab! Compared to other truck driving jobs, OTR flatbed driving is more physical, gets you outside and moving, and offers more variety over the course of the week as you check and re-secure freight throughout the journey.

Better Pay

OTR flatbed drivers are among the highest paid drivers in trucking. Because the work requires long travel, impeccable driving skill, and attention to detail with loading and securing, OTR flatbed drivers command salaries that match the demands of the job. Experienced, hardworking OTR flatbed drivers can earn $100,000 a year!

With excellent per-mile rates, additional pay based on a percentage of load value, and amazing benefits like those offered by Modular Transportation, over the road flatbed trucking overall pay and benefits packages are among the best in the industry.

Pride and Responsibility

Regional and OTR flatbed truckers alike are in control of properly loading and securing the freight they carry. This added responsibility is, for many, a point of pride (and a little bit of showmanship).

Having a well-secured, properly handled, tidy looking load lets the people at pickup and dropoff locations (and other truckers on the road) know that you care about what you haul. People in the industry are definitely paying attention.

OTR Trucking Lifestyle

Because OTR trucking means being on the road for days at a time, it’s as much a lifestyle as a job. With that in mind, it’s important to evaluate your own life circumstances to see if OTR flatbed is right for you. Even though Modular Transportation works diligently to maximize home time and helps drivers keep manageable schedules, this kind of work can put a strain on families and relationships.

However, for those who enjoy the call of the open road, the independence and engaging work of OTR flatbed might be the perfect career!

To learn more about getting started as an OTR flatbed driver at Modular Transportation, browse our job listings and apply online today!


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