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How Much Do Flatbed Truck Drivers Make?

How Much do Flatbed Truck Drivers Make -

At Modular Trans, we receive a lot of calls and emails from drivers who are interested in the flatbed driver jobs at our various hubs in Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas & Mississippi. One of the most common questions our recruiter, Nicole, receives is about driver pay.

What is the average salary of a flatbed truck driver in the United States?

The salary range for a flatbed truck driver is $40,000 to $91,000. Compensation is typically determined by the hiring company and the candidate’s experience level. If you’re just starting out in your career as a flatbed truck driver, a lower wage for a first-time is a reasonable expectation.

At the time this article was published in February 2023, the typical annual income for a flatbed truck driver in the United States is $61,065. In most truck-driving related fields, the starting salary is around $46,000 a year. Furthermore, the highest-earning 10% of flatbed truck drivers have the potential to average $91,000 annually.

What Factors Influence a Flatbed Truck Driver’s Pay?

While average salaries for flatbed truck drivers tend to be highest in states like Montana ($73,174), Connecticut ($69,259), Wyoming ($68,387), and Columbia ($68,879), it is possible to earn more than the average truck driver by understanding the factors contributing to pay. A flatbed truck driver’s income is based on the following criteria.

Level of Difficulty

Compensation increases can be expected when more time is required to be spent loading, unloading, and checking cargo! Possessing the technical knowledge and ability to handle specialized loads can also increase pay. As with most occupations, earning more money typically requires taking on more responsibility at work.

Securing Cargo

Before loading the truck, it is necessary to ensure that the cargo has been appropriately secured. When using flatbed trucks, load securing is more challenging compared to when using regular dry van trucks. Although securing a load will take more time and effort than usual, the potential increase in earnings is usually worth the extra effort.

How Much do CDL Flatbed Truck Drivers Make Easy Year -


Freight damage can be costly, so some companies tarp their flatbed loads to protect their cargo from weather elements. They typically also have to pay more for the tarp itself, and a portion of those profits is ultimately deposited into the bank account of the flatbed truck driver. Tarping your loads requires additional effort as the driver, but it can increase your earnings per mile driven.

Taking on Risky Cargo

Transporting hazardous cargo puts the driver in a more precarious position. There may be an increase in the cost of using a flatbed truck to transport this type of cargo because of the additional time and attention it requires. Drivers are often paid more to account for the increased risk of transporting these items.

Distance Covered

The salary of a flatbed truck driver is often affected by the distance driven. Greater mileage can lead to greater compensation. The bottom line is that drivers who put in more miles per day or week will benefit financially.

Is Flatbed Trucking Right for You?

Truckers get paid more when transporting goods on flatbeds than dry vans or any other type of trailer because of the abovementioned challenges. A flatbed truck is often the only type that can transport specific loads, specifically those with an irregular shape because it can accommodate the load’s dimensions.

The pay for flatbed truck drivers is excellent compared to many other occupations, especially if they prioritize safety and are willing to put in extra time securing or tarping loads. Considering the industry’s high demand and room for advancement, learning to drive a flatbed truck could be your best bet for boosting your income this year. Why Flatbed?

Are You Ready to Begin Your Professional Career as a CDL Flatbed Driver?

At Modular Transportation, our flatbed drivers boast great pay and extra benefits. You can learn more about what it takes to become a CDL flatbed driver by reading more about the requirements for becoming a driver.

The drivers at Modular Transportation are committed to the job for the long term, see why they love working here and apply to work at Modular today!