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Flatbed Trucking Careers Offer Something More

Flatbed Trucking Careers Offer Something More for CDL Drivers Looking for a Job -

Do More Every Day on a Flatbed

Careers in CDL flatbed trucking are unlike anything else in the trucking industry. It takes a special type of dedicated, motivated individual to make it in flatbed, but for those who have what it takes, flatbed trucking feels like home.

Here’s a quick look at what makes flatbed truck driving so special.

Challenge = Reward

Flatbed truck drivers are responsible for securing their own loads, and will likely encounter a wide variety of jobs over the course of a career (or even over the course of a few weeks!). It could be lumber one day and steel beams the next, with a huge range of possibilities in between.

Each of these freight types needs to be properly secured and potentially tarped, and of course, the flatbed trailer needs to be properly positioned for loading and unloading at each stop.

All of this adds up to a challenging, constantly changing work environment. These challenges, in turn, offer a sense of accomplishment as drivers solve problems and take responsibility for safely delivering loads of all kinds.

Fresh Air and Exercise

Because flatbed truck drivers secure their own loads, and may have to periodically check to make sure everything’s in order, the job is much more than simply sitting in the cab all day. For many flatbed drivers, this is their favorite part of the work!

Spending time outside, as well as the exercise associated with moving and securing chains, straps, and tarps, adds variety to each day – and helps flatbed drivers stay in shape.

Time and time again, flatbed drivers cite fresh air, exercise, and not always being stuck in the truck as primary benefits, and elements of the job that provide ongoing personal satisfaction.

Home Time

In much of the trucking industry, time at home is difficult to manage, seen as a necessary sacrifice and just “part of the job.” With flatbed trucking, however, routes tend to be much shorter, and most local drivers are home every night!

For regional OTR flatbed trucking work, weekends off are the norm for most drivers, providing predictability and consistency that can be hard to find in dry van trucking and other areas of the industry.

Family and leisure are important, and flatbed trucking jobs offer a stable, fulfilling career that doesn’t get in the way of living a balanced life.

Better Pay

Challenging, careful work often comes with better pay – and flatbed trucking jobs are no different. In 2022, the average flatbed trucking salary in the US is around $65,000 per year, with top drivers making up to $95,000 annually. This is $10-15,000 more than other trucking jobs, and above the national average for full time workers in the United States.

Total Package

All of these factors come together in a fulfilling, challenging career that pays well, offers variety, and allows for valuable time with hobbies and loved ones.

Flatbed trucking work isn’t easy, and requires skill and dedication to do well – but that also means the job comes with personal satisfaction, learning and problem solving, competitive wages, and a sense of camaraderie among those in the industry.

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